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What You'll Need

On the day please bring along with you:

  • CBT Certificate

  • Suitable clothing

  • Glasses or contact lenses (if needed)

  • Long trousers or jeans

  • Drink and snack

Ride Safe


Competent riders trained with Riverview Rider Motorcycle Training are less likely to have accidents because they:

  • See more
  • Evade better
  • Attend more
  • Assume less

The quality of our training is only matched by the quality of our instructors and motorcycle fleet.

We are still at the forefront of Motorcycle training in the North West and continue to make riders act and be safe.

Before You Book

motorcycle training lancashire

Feel free to come along and meet with us and look around before booking your CBTRestricted or Direct Access training.

We are always on hand to offer advice and guidence on any of the motorcyle tests available.

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The Restricted licence is aimed mainly at those who want a full motorcycle licence, but do not intend riding anything bigger than a 125cc bike. It is also the only category of motorcycle licence, besides the moped licence, for those aged 17 – 19.

Restricted Access Explained

Category A1 Licence

For people that are a minimum of 17 years of age. You take your test on a 125cc motorcycle with a power not exceeding 14.6bhp. You will then be able to remove learner plates and carry a passenger, but not able to ride above a 125cc. motorcycle training southport

Category A2 Licence

For people that are a minimum of 19 years of age. You take your test on a motorcycle above 395cc, with a power not exceeding 46.6bhp (35Kw), but you will be restricted to that category of motorcycle for 2 years.

If you then wish to ride a bigger motorcycle, you will be required to retake your test for a Category A Licence (see Direct Access). You can take your test on either a manual or an automatic motorbike.

If you take your test on a manual motorcycle, you can ride either manual motorcycles or automatics, but if you take your test on an automatic, you will be limited to automatics.

Motorcycle A1 and A2 Restricted License

Between passing your CBT Test and taking your Restricted Access Test you will also be required to pass the Ministry of Transport Theory Test which consists of 50 questions and 14 video clips. Riverview Rider Training can advise you on the best way to approach and pass your Theory Test and help you gain that all important pass.

The Restricted Access Training Course

The training is usually carried out on our Kawasaki ER500 bikes but can be carried out on your own bike as long as it is roadworthy and meets all the legal requirements. 

Riverview Motorcycle Training carries out training 7 days a week and can arrange training to suit your work schedule. We even carry out training in the evenings during the summer months.

Ideally the training is undertaken as a course as over the years we have discovered this to be the easiest, quickest and safest way to learn. Each training day commences at 9:00 am and finishes around 3.30/4.00 pm.

To take a Restricted Access Test you must:

For convenience, you can pre-book a test at Kirkham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Atherton, St Helens or Southport.

Once you have satisfied these conditions you can take your Restricted Access Test. This will allow you to:

  • Ride any size bike as long as it is fitted with a compliant restrictor 
  • You can remove the 'L' plates
  • Travel on motorways (as long as your bike meets the legal criteria)
  • Carry a pillion passanger

The Test

There are 2 practical module tests to take:

  • MODULE 1 - 11 manoeuvres at a DSA test station
  • MODULE 2 - 40-45 minute road ride test

 Motorcycle Restricted Access Test and Training

Why choose us to help you pass?

We can offer Restricted Access Test and training within days of you first contacting us and regularly have candidates sitting their test within a week of picking up the phone. If you live in Southport, Preston, Chorley or indeed anywhere within Lancashire or Merseyside please give us a call and pass your motorcycle test with Riverview Motorcycle Training.

The DSA only Approve the Training Bodies, They do NOT police them. There are some very bad trainers around and they will train with too many customers and not enough Instructors. Also you will have to share training bikes. THE REALLY BAD BIT IS THEY WILL ISSUE THE CERTIFICATES, WHEN THE STANDARDS ARE CLEARLY NOT MET.

With Riverview Motorcycle Training you can rest assured that you will have all the required knowledge and training to be a safe and confident motorcycle rider.

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PLEASE NOTE The DSA only Approve the Training Bodies, they do not police them, and therefore there are some particularly poor training schools around who are not following the DVSA Rules. They are issuing Certificates when the standards have clearly not been met. You can be assured that Riverview Motorcycle Training follow and comply to all DVSA regulations.

Why Choose Us?

We are at the forefront of the rider training industry, successfully training pupils to the highest standards enabling them to pass the required elements first time.

We now have the reputation as the training school with the highest pass rates in Lancashire and the North West.

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