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Feel free to come along and meet with us and look around before booking your CBTRestricted or Direct Access training.

We are always on hand to offer advice and guidence on any of the motorcyle tests available.

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Below are just a few testimonials received from riders who have trained at Riverview:

"Just thought i'd back up everyone elses great comments here and put forward my views on RRT.  I came in having never ridden a bike in my life but managed to passes MOD 1 and MOD 2 in less than a week.  The training was excellent and you always get the impression that your not there to pass a test, your there to learn how to ride the machine safely and well controlled, your safety is number 1.  Mikes an excellent tutor and i too will miss his running commentary and dulcet tones in my ear.  Grahams a top instrucor an all and im sure wayne is aswell although he was on holiday when i did my test.  All in all, if youre thinking of doin any bike training, heres the place to do it."

 "Just want to give my thanks for getting me through my tests. You've got me doing lifesavers walking down the street. For anyone thinking about using Riverview, I can't recommend them highly enough. The instructors go that extra mile and teach you how to ride a bike, not just how to pass a test. Had alot of fun too."

 "Would just like to say a huge thanks to the guys at Riverview for the excellent standard of training i was given!, Mike is a excellent instructor, very easy to get along with but when it comes to the riding he wants the best for you and nothing else! i dont think im ever gonna forget some of the remarks out of his mouth! excellent training! i will always remember "F' in big harly davidson!"  Thanks Again!"

 "Like to thank all the Guys at Riverview, specially Graham who let me come half days. Excellent standard of training and i passed both modules first time. Cant thank all enough ! If you want to learn to ride with confidance then Riverview is the place to train. Thanks again !"

 "Riverview was an absolute excellent experience for me. Before starting my training I had never been on a bike but it was something I always wanted to do. The guys at riverview made me feel really welcome and gave me all the confidence that I needed to get on the bike and as mike says "Ride the bloody thing". The training i recieved was to the highest level and going out with Mike you are sure you are going to have a laugh. Going to miss hearing his jokes through the earpiece! I would recommend Riverview to anybody who wants to learn how to ride a bike and have a great experience doing so. Thanks for all your help and support!"

 "The training I received from Riverview was first class (and after completing my CBT elsewhere, I have something to compare against).  The instructors didn't just get me through my mod 1 and 2, they gave me confidence in my own ability. Most of my training was with Mike, and he made sure that he trained me to be safe on the road, not to just "pass the test."  This pragmatic approach meant that despite all the nerves I passed mod 2 first time.  I'll miss hearing Mike's dulcet tones in my ear commenting on hazards as I ride down the road! During my training I spent time with most of the instructors, they all have different styles, but I found I had something to learn from each one.  Everyone at Riverview looked after me: they gave me confidence when I needed it, they constructively critiqued my riding so I improved every time I went out.  They knew when to tell me to pull myself together and when to give me a big hug. Thanks guys!  I'll be in to visit just as soon as I have gone bike shoppin."

 "I really enjoyed my rider training, although it was hard work and I went home exhausted every night! Mike has very high standards and expects you to put a lot in, but you also get a lot out.  Sometimes I felt like I was getting worse not better, but that is because I came to expect more of myself. Once I’d got module 1 out of the way the hard work paid off as I sailed through module 2 without even picking up a minor mark.  I reckon if you can remember half of what you are taught then you are well on your way to a pass. Had some laughs (and a few tears), and my innocent little ears learned a few new words as well J If Mike can turn me in a half decent rider then I would recommend Riverview to anybody. I’ll call in soon and show off my 600 Bandit… thanks again."

 "I came to Riverview to do my CBT, MOD 1 and MOD 2. Time was limited to a week to get everything done. I managed to get through both Mod 1 and Mod 2 on the same day and within the week. I couldn’t have done it without the expert tuition from the Riverview Guys. The training and Facilities are excellent. There is a full scale Mod 1 course to Practise; the road ride training is 2nd to none. You will not find anywhere the level that these instructors are at. The training is truly brilliant and praise doesn’t come higher. If you listen to what they say you won’t fail. They don’t just teach you how to pass a test they taught me how to ride a bike. Skills which will last throughout my riding career. I’d Just like to say a huge Thank you to Graham, Mike, Kev and Wayne for a fantastic week with some very positive results. Cheers Guys."

 "I took my CBT with these guys two years ago, as did my son. I recently came back under the watchful eye of Wayne to do my DAS. After some days of coaching and jibing and genral good fun, I passed both modules first time. I watched riders from other schools doing their tests and they were nowhere near the level Riverview gets you to, which supports their high pass rate. You won't go wrong with Wayne and Mike (and Wayne's Dad) looking after you, and you'll have a laugh while you're doing it."

You are welcome to meet with us and see some of the hundreds of thank you cards we have received from our trainees.

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