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What You'll Need

On the day please bring along with you:

  • License - both parts

  • Glasses or contact lenses (if needed)

  • Long trousers or jeans

  • Drink and snack

Ride Safe


Competent riders trained with Riverview Rider Motorcycle Training are less likely to have accidents because they:

  • See more
  • Evade better
  • Attend more
  • Assume less

The quality of our training is only matched by the quality of our instructors and motorcycle fleet.

We are still at the forefront of Motorcycle training in the North West and continue to make riders act and be safe.

Before You Book

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Feel free to come along and meet with us and look around before booking your CBTRestricted or Direct Access training.

We are always on hand to offer advice and guidence on any of the motorcyle tests available.

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(CBT) is the starting point if you're new to riding any motorcycle. This is a course run by training bodies approved by the Driver & Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) and you must complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) before riding on the roads for the first time.

motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training

The CBT course motorcycle training southport

At Riverview Motorcycle Training we carry out CBT courses 7 days a week at our Hesketh Bank training site. This site is specifically designed for motorcycle training with road markings (we do not use car parks or school playgrounds). We also supply the bike, and equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves, waterproofs) if required.

The CBT course consists of 5 elements taking you through the legal requirements for the bike and equipment, road procedures and signs, slow speed manouvers and observations (practised on the Training Pad) and finally out on the road to put it all into practice!

To take a CBT you must:

  • Hold a current provisional or full UK licence 
  • Have catagory 'A' on your licence for machines of over 50cc (usually found on the paper counterpart under the heading 'Provisional Entitlement')
  • Be 16 years of age,have provisional licence with catagory 'P' to ride a 50cc machine
  • Have some knowledge of the Highway Code

motorcycle Compulsory Basic Training

Once you have your certificate you can ride up to a 125cc (17 and over) or a 50cc (16 and over) bike on the road as long as:

  • You display 'L' plates
  • Do not use motorways
  • Do not carry a pillion passanger
  • Your machine is taxed, insured, and has a valid MOT

Once you have successfully completed CBT, and have your certificate (DL 196), you can carry on to take additional training to pass the theory and practical tests and qualify for a full motorcycle or moped licence. You will need to re-take CBT if you do not pass both the theory and practical tests before your CBT certificate expires.

Further CBT training information

Riverview Motorcycle Training never take more than 2 pupils out on the road with 1 instructor, any more is not legal. At the end of the course if you have reached a safe and confident level of riding then you are issued with a CBT certificate (DL196). CBT certificates are valid for two years from the date of issue.

compulsary basic training

Not all trainees pass the CBT course in one day and may be required to return for further tuition. At any point throughout the CBT course the instructor may stop training and ask the student to return another day. This may be due to a number of reasons. If this is the case the instructor will explain why he/she has chosen to do so and be available to give a full debrief and answer any questions. When returning for extra training, you must book back in to the same site you first attended. If you are required to return for more than one session you will be charged for each subsequent return after the first comeback.

The DSA only Approve the Training Bodies, They do NOT police them. There are some very bad trainers around and they will train with too many customers and not enough Instructors. Also you will have to share training bikes. THE REALLY BAD BIT IS THEY WILL ISSUE THE CERTIFICATES, WHEN THE STANDARDS ARE CLEARLY NOT MET.

With Riverview Motorcycle Training you can rest assured that you will have all the required knowledge and training to be a safe and confident motorcycle rider.

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PLEASE NOTE The DSA only Approve the Training Bodies, they do not police them, and therefore there are some particularly poor training schools around who are not following the DVSA Rules. They are issuing Certificates when the standards have clearly not been met. You can be assured that Riverview Motorcycle Training follow and comply to all DVSA regulations.

Why Choose Us?

We are at the forefront of the rider training industry, successfully training pupils to the highest standards enabling them to pass the required elements first time.

We now have the reputation as the training school with the highest pass rates in Lancashire and the North West.

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